06 — 10

Approximately H 305 W254 (One-quarter)


Inkjet printing

Dreams are often described as absolute.

I, however, think of it as an idolatry shaped from societyʼs expectations.

In other words, dreams are relative existences that broke out from the shells of


Nature, in fact, is like a dream.

Through time, it essentially teaches us absolute existence.

The fog like relative figures such as society and era surrounds the absolute.

I think photography is a medium that speaks the viewpoint of societyʼs fragment

and multiplied in the layers of the photographerʼs will and intent.

This medium itself is made possible in relativity.

Meanwhile, the absolute value in this theme must constantly be portrayed as an

absolute being.

This explains why photography, the portrayal of realism, is adequate for this


Using nature, the representation of an absolute value, as a motif, I controlled the

lens to capture a layer of fog.

Using an old lens and by applying the blur like an impressionist art, the absolute

plants are expressed in a way that they sink into the relative fog.