07 — 10

77 in x 28 in


Japanese paper, ink, pigment

Dynamic death while skimming the boundaries of the abstract and the figurative. Expresses static life. Facing the inevitable nature of flowers and plants, it is a series that attempts to fix only that concept using the abstraction and fortuity of ink. The classical brushstrokes of ink painting and techniques of abstract painting are combined. The added flower as a symbol of embodiment is not just any flower, and although looks like a mere flower, it is a flower as a concept.

By intentionally arranging lines that are symbols of fortuity, I aimed for the accumulation of fortuity that evokes specifics. Gravity and abstraction are inextricably linked. The abstraction felt by gravity overflows with the freshness of a mature plant. When abstraction is established on a clear axis, it creates directionality full of vitality. The directionality created by fragile accumulation is the movement of life.






sei yamazaki