04 — 10

Approximately H 3500 W2100 (Depending on the place of set up)


Gypsum, urethane foam, iron, yarn, pigment

An installation that visualizes transparent directionality included in space under the concept of “the world is full of infinite invisible directionality”. While expressing the directionality that was born from the fingertips of plaster diffused in a space, I have created a device to reveal the invisible directionality that changes at each moment. While changing the color and directionality of the surface, the uninterrupted stretching of a single thread exposes traces of directionality that are diffusely reflected in space. “invisible directions #1”, the first in series, will be exhibited at “10 x 10 EXHIBITIONS” held in Tokyo. “invisible directions #2”, the second in the series, will be on display in the Hong Kong/BODW city event “Detour Hong Kong.


Sei Yamazaki