14 — 15

H300 W300 D100× 2 (H12in x W12in x D4in)


Kneaded, molded, fired clay

Work exhibited at the “KAWARA EXHIBITION” in Midtown Tokyo, the theme of this exhibition was to represent a time axis that has continued tradition. I represented two types of skin that are formed over time by nature. Using rocks found on the riverbed of Tamagawa, Iwahada (stone-like skin) is crafted from pounding rocks on clay before firing, converting the natural process and portraying stones that have spent a rough and keen journey. Mizuhada (water-like skin) represents texture that is smooth, soft, gentle like polished in water. Two textures found in nature were combined to coexist in one piece of artwork, then fired in Yasato tile kiln.


Sei Yamazaki
Akihiro Kawauchi