11 — 15

H 841 W594


Ink, gold leaf, Japanese paper

Work of architecture that has become an icon of the country or city over a long time. While adhering to the land, it is always exposed to changes in the sun’s light, and its shadows are made to change at every moment. Skims and fixes the light and shadows of architecture in black gradation. I pull away from various elements that make a work of architecture to be a work of architecture, and with only the posturing of light and shadow as the common axis, we drop everything into equivalence.
The volume of the work of architecture is skimmed flat, the authorship and scale of the work architecture melt into the shadow of the ink, and even the unique time axis, which is the fundamental value of architecture, makes everything equivalent and settles on the paper as only light and shadow as the significance of existence. It will be the center of gravity of the new memories of architecture that has gained freedom.

Sei Yamazaki