09 — 10

2,0m x 4,5m


Fabric, Concrete

With the combination of the hard and rigid concrete and the colorful Kaga Mizuhiki, the special decoration cord produced in the region, this art piece aimed at liberating characters from the containment in the flat surfaces.

Wearing the wishes of people/meanings and floating midair, the transparent concepts use the power of ink and typesetting to fixate themselves on the flat surfaces as characters.
Providing the characters wearing the meanings and symbolism and fixating themselves with the materials connoting the time to liberate them from the flat surfaces once again.

Then, the light and dark of characters reverse, the internal margin starts beating, and ascends to the surface. That is the new story of characters that struggle to regain the primitive touch, win the liberty from the beings as symbols, and melt into the air again while preserving just their shapes at the border of the world.

One Monday filled with the clear air and luminosity

The beginning of a week over the typography

Wrapping around the thoughts and
meanings of people
Transparent concepts floating in the hollow
With the power of ink and typography
Fix it as a character on the plane

Wrapping meaning and symbols
To the character to be fixed
Give the material to include time
Free from plane again

At that time, the brightness and darkness
of the character is reversed
Internal margin starts beating
that is
I regained the primitive sign again
Getting freedom from letters as symbols
While holding that form only at the
boundary of the world
I try to melt again into the hollow
A new story of letters

Clear air and light filled
One Monday

The start of a week over typography

Seitaro Yamazaki, Satoshi Miyakawa
Kaga Mizuhiki Tsuda mizuhiki orikata, kooge concrete Co., Ltd.