Fossils from the future #07 “HERMES”


Fossils from the future #07 “HERMES”

Sand, Acrylic, Sumi, Pigment

H460mm W420mm D320mm


How will our consumption look when seen from the perspective of people in the future with different values?
The inspiration for this piece started from that simple question.

This piece is a sculpture made by sand.
The Hermes shopping bag is made of sand and the logo mark is in acrylic.

The symbol of consumption is detached from the functional material,
and the two elements are crafted from differing materials and given a different sense of time.

The concept is deconstructed and rebuilt from two materials in different times.

We have icon preferences, these icons are a part of our lives, and we consume them.
In this sense, the work is like a letter from the future to all of us living in the world right now.







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