Seitaro Yamazaki has a 15-year career as a designer, and he began creating artworks afterward.
His creations cover a wide range of fields such as graphics, on-screen, products, and space design, and he also served as the creative advisor for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In this world, what is the essence of beauty?

This question is the fundamental theme of his activities, and he continues to announce new works in pursuit of “new absolutes within relativity.”

These works explore concepts within society which seem like absolutes at first glance. (For example, “UNIT FOR Y-AXIS” is based on the concept of X, Y, and Z axis equivalence in the composition of this world.<br> “Sheet Music for Blank Space” explores the world of music scores on staff notation, and his “In Praise of Shadow” installation is based on the concept of letters having to stick in one place.) By shifting these concepts around, he reveals fundamental absolutes.

These are examples of “unused time” buried within relativity.

When depicting “unused time” once again, the concept of “nature” is always present in the background.
In Japan, the concept of worshiping numerous gods and goddesses has existed since ancient times.
Since Yamazaki was born and raised in Japan, he has a sense of awe at the natural world, and his works combine this feeling with the concept of absolute beauty.
While considering nature as an absolute force which cannot be controlled by the self, he believes in the latent power of all things according to traditional legends. Through training in Japanese traditional flower arrangement and India ink painting, he has pursued humanity’s relationship with nature and its depiction.

For this reason, he accepts the incidental power of nature which affects the creation of his works.
This is one process for depicting new time as well, and it is the act of incorporating chance which cannot be controlled by the self into works.
Borrowing the incidental power of nature, he continually questions relativity, drawing out new absolutes from within it and attempting to depict “unused time” in this world.

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