I explore the beauty of ambiguity, transience, and the things that were never depicted, spoken, or formed.

Born and raised in Japan and worked as a designer and artist, I have been strongly influenced by Swiss Style typography, American minimalism, Ambient Music, and Monochrome photographs of 70s and 80s. And as a Japanese, I am also deeply interested in and affected by Japan’s traditional views on nature and aesthetics, and studying ink wash painting, ikebana (Japanese traditional flower arrangement), and Kodo (Japanese incense ceremony) for years. All of them are characterized by extremely restrained, simplified and minimalistic composition that makes use of blank spaces.

I love simpleness, ambiguity, and blank spaces.

Since the Middle Ages, the sense of ambiguity, transience, and the quality of being like an illusion or uncertain has been called “幽玄: yugen” and has been highly valued as a form of beauty in Japan.

I have been incorporated this sense of Japanese aesthetics into my minimalist art. In painting, sculpture, installation, and photography, I am trying to capture the fleeting beauty that exists at the boundaries between the world that industrial civilization has torn apart, or beauty of the things that lurk and hide on the border between people’s conscious and unconscious minds.

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