Crystallization of worthless time


Crystallization of worthless time

resin, wax, pigment


“Kintsugi” is a technique used in Japan for repairing broken vessels.
Lacquer and metal are used to join breaks in vessels and fill up chipped places.

Vessels are a crystallization of functional beauty that draw close to our lives.
“Kintsugi” connects our feelings for those vessels with the future.

It is nothing other than wrapping time called feelings around something which has value, so to speak, and making that thing even more valuable.

The concept termed “wabi-sabi”, which is peculiar to Japan, and is similar to, yet different from, Western modernism.
The big factor encompassed by this minimal beauty is time.

The basis of this work is a panel made while mixing resin, wax, and pigment, which are materials which have different time axes – that is, different congealing points and melting points.

The panel’s broken lines, full of unpredictability, are displayed and repaired using “kintsugi”.

Breaking a mere worthless thing which does not involve time in our lives, and on the other hand, affirming that temporality only, and connecting it with the future.

This is an endeavor which uses time to give value to something which at first glance has no value, and it is a crystallization of worthless time.






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