Nameless Portrait


Nameless Portrait

Aluminum, thread, Akoya pearl, organdy

H2800mm W3000mm D3000mm


Pearl farming industry in Omura Bay, Nagasaki Prefecture. In order to stabilize its value and distribute as a uniform industrial product, pearls have been bleached, its sphere polished, and measured in size to determine its rank during the distribution process. However, a pearl is actually the opposite of being uniform; Each is a gift of life born from a mother shell, the Akoya shellfish. The beauty in its uniqueness is similar to that of individual people. It truly embodies the beauty of diversity and individuality. That is, if it derives from natural diversity, instead of industrial uniformity, when brought into society. Within a single atmosphere, this exhibition aims to create time that has not been used during this history.

Soft light falls in an atmosphere that is loosely separated from the outside world by organdy.
The atmosphere portrays a mother’s womb; In it dwells air, presence, sounds, and life, all holding its independent values.

The single thread that supports the weight of a pearl expresses the time axis of the life of each pearl. Each thread sways in the natural breeze of its atmosphere and interacts with each other’s lives, just like the life of us humans.








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