The Womb of the City


The Womb of the City

Cities are perpetually mutable, embracing and absorbing all. Within these cities, how can individuals find their place?

Cities are dynamic entities. The urban space of the international metropolis, Tokyo, continuously undergoes changes, proliferating and expanding.

The daily lives of urban dwellers consist of fragmented, discontinuous experiences.

This work represents an exploration of the accumulation of human experiences in contemporary cities and the quest for a psychological sanctuary.

Through the non-continuous spaces of tranquility at the heart of the urban hustle, this work examines the contradictions and multifaceted nature of the urban environment, while suggesting possibilities for its reconstruction and harmonization.

The shoji screen situated at the forefront emanates a vivid warm hue, as if it were passing through the body. In response to changes in the urban environment, its brightness and color shift.

The floating metal plates symbolize the unstable and inorganic state of the city, steering the consciousness of the seated audience towards dialogue and introspection, and allowing them to experience the continuity, contradictions, and harmony of urban life.

At the core of the installation lies the contrast between the clamor and the silence of the city. This contrast reflects the tension and contradictions experienced by urban dwellers in their daily lives.

This installation is a fragment of silence within the international city of Tokyo, home to approximately 14 million people.


The Park Habio Shibuya Cross
3-1-1 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042, Japan


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