Seitaro Yamazaki Newsletter July 10, 2024


Seitaro Yamazaki Newsletter July 10, 2024

I’ve moved to a new studio!

I think I have moved more than most people in their lives.

Seitaro Design’s office has changed spaces every two or three years since establishing and it is now at its 18th location.My studio has also relocated quite a bit. My very first studio was inside an apartment room where I practiced ink painting.However, as I became more serious about pursuing in contemporary art, I needed a larger space and moved to the first floor of a small building in a residential area.



These are some of the works from then. A few are still available. Please contact if you are interested in viewing. The third piece is displayed in the conference room of the Seitaro Design office so I am sure that many of you have seen it before.

When Seitaro Design moved to its current location in Daikanyama, I also moved my studio there as I didn’t want to spend time going back and forth between the two spaces.

It’s been two years since and I now feel the need to separate my workspaces to better focus in creating art. It’s also that Seitaro Design is expanding and in need of a bigger space. This April, I rented a new studio and I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished moving in just a few days ago.

I will be creating works here for my solo exhibitions, Art that Crosses Borders, Design that Traverses at Spiral Garden in August and for my Europe shows. I also have a new assistant helping me with my works.

This shelf is made of old wood and has been used in all of my previous studios. Same goes with the record player.

This marble table is new to the studio.

A glimpse of how the actual work is done.

This is a leftover from one of my works in progress.

Can you guess for which art piece? I’ll be sharing with you in the next newsletter!



Fossils from the future “NIKE AIR JORDAN I” will be exhibited at The DeLand Museum of Art in Florida this fall from October to December.

We will let you know more details as they become available.

Other solo exhibitions are planned for later this year in Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Berlin, Germany.

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